The Festival of Nature and Culture – Say NO to GMO – Save Traditional Seeds

The festival catalysed three days (Dec. 9,10,11) of hugely varied activities in support of maintaining the beauty and diversity of the Polish countryside – and an uncorrupted GMO free food chain.

Ninety events/happenings were launched during these three days, including giant puppets, dedicated jazz and pop concerts, poetry readings, workshops, lectures, food tastings and film shows. All in all a great display of determination by Polish citizens to highlight their rejection of government and corporate attempts to force GM food down their throats and into their much loved countryside.

Reports are flowing in from the various centres of activity – and it looks as though the local press had lots of unusual photo opportunities to keep them busy! ICPPC's co-directors tackled three engagements in one day in Krakow, giving talks on the imperative of becoming engaged in 'local food' community centred initiatives, as against 'global food' supermarket style consumerism: definitely the best way of knowing what your eating! These sessions took place in a culture house, a restaurant and a leading jazz club... where the audience appeared amazed to find even their music guaranteed GMO Free!

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Update Poland - Poland, Politicians and GMO


Hello all!

We have been engaged in further attempts to raise public awareness of the renewed threat to Poland's GMO feed and seed bans, represented by the current government's process of capitulation to corporate and EU pro GMO pressures.

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GM - Corn in Czech Republic

Photo by Marek Pędziwol in Czech, 2007


"No entry! Genetically modified corn reserved for energy purposes. Protected by chemicals- Danger of causing cancer! "

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An international coalition of independent scientists will present comprehensive Scientific evidence for a Europe-wide and worldwide ban on the release of GM crops. See

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International Resistance to the the Modification and Control of Life

- Julian Rose -

Resistance comes in three shades: passive, occasionally active and active.
The corporate and political powers who aim to take a controlling influence over the food chain count on the majority of civil resistance being of a passive ‘dumbed down’ nature. They can tolerate a certain amount of ‘occasionally active’ interference in their master plan, but they do not tolerate genuinely active resistance. So those of us who hammer continuously on genetically modified corporate doors are monitored, harassed and generally marginalised by the prevailing ’status quo’ and its media poodles.

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TRADITIONAL SEEDS - OUR HERITAGE AND NATIONAL TREASURE. Traditional and ecological agriculture instead of GMO


Preservation of traditional seeds and plants in family rural farms is the way to protect biological treasures and provide food safety. We cannot allow our agriculture to depend on transnational corporations, whose main purpose is big profit, no matter what happens to the natural environment and the health of people and animals. So we started the project

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