ICPPC 10th Anniversary Conference and 21st Century Manifesto for Food & Farming

"ICPPC 10th Anniversary Conference and 21st Century Manifesto for Food & Farming"

Dear Friends,

We have just completed a very successful international conference entitled "Food Sovereignty, Self Sufficiency and the Family Farm" which attracted participants from India, Russia, England, Wales, Canada, Holland, Sweden and Germany. Polish participants came from many Provinces.

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ICPPC 10 Year Anniversary

ICPPC 10 Year Anniversary Programme

FOOD SOVEREIGNTY, SELF SUFFICIENCY AND THE FAMILY FARM.” An International Seminar on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of ICPPC.

Poland has a unique countryside - with very rich wild nature, beautiful landscapes, cultural traditions and many generations of farmers who love their work. It's a national treasure. However decisions made in Brussels over the past decade have dramatically degraded the life and quality of the Polish countryside and its food. The protection of the natural wealth and diversity of the countryside and the food security of the nation is a vital issue for Poland, but so it is for all countries. In order to help realize the goal of protecting our countryside and food chain, we created in November 2000 the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC). The coalition was initiated by 41 organizations from 18 countries.

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Let’s stand up for raw milk rights

Congratulations to Michael Schmidt - the Ontario farmer who’s due in a Newmarket court today for the verdict on charges he violated the provincial Milk Act by selling unpasteurized milk - for standing up to the anti-raw-milk lobbyists. I am very aware of what he and his supporters are up against, having founded the Association for Unpasteurised Milk Producers and Consumers in the United Kingdom back in 1989 to prevent the British government’s proposed ban of unpasteurized milk - and again in 1997. We won our battle on both occasions, maybe because of the “and Consumers” factor and much press support.

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GMO Act: Polish parliament debate

Dear Friends,

Thanks to your superb support, which, in combination with Polish efforts, led to more than 40 parliamentarians raising critical questions about the planned new GMO Act during the parliamentary reading and debate on 16th December. This was enough to force the debate to be prolonged into February 2010. At that point it will have to go through both the agricultural and environment committees, both of which will have to ratify the act for it to become law.

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‘Best Anti GMO Poster’ competition

Dear Friends, Here’s the winner of ICPPC’s ‘ Best Anti GMO Poster’ competition launched in Poland around 2 months ago. It surely IS a winner!

So congratulations to Grupa Artystyczna Zawleczka www.zawleczka.com.pl for coming up with a design which will be instantly recognisable anywhere in the world.

!!!!Why not spread it around as far and wide as possible, over the internet, as a poster, flyer or however you feel inclined to use it. But please add a note: "The winner of ICPPC's 'Best Anti GMO Poster' competition launched in Poland www.gmo.icppc.pl ; The author: Grupa Artystyczna Zawleczka www.zawleczka.com.pl"

We urgently need to make others aware that by using or accepting GMO we are putting our heads - and the heads of future generations - in a noose.

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