Letter from India

Good morning all - and a happy new year!

We have just returned from a short study tour in India, part of which included looking into the possibility of establishing an exchange programme between Polish and Indian farmers.

Upon arrival at Delhi international airport, we elected to take a motorised rickshaw to our hotel. The driver of this little brightly painted three wheel scooter (known fondly as a 'tuk tuk') charged into the ensuing fray, dodging and weaving his way through the dense traffic, frequently coming within centemitres of hitting one of the hundreds of the similarly engaged vehicles battling their horn blasting way down the worn New Delhi streets. Streets also shared with Brahmin cows and packs of stray dogs. It is a very particular initiation.

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Working Horses

Working Horses

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No.4 Letter From Poland

First Organic Agriculture Congress, Istanbul

Good morning!

I am going to take you away from Poland this morning; to consider the proceedings of the First Organic Agriculture Congress of Turkey, held in Istanbul last month. An event which we were invited to participate in.

Around 300 delegates gathered at a venue on the edge of the Bosphorus sea, surrounded by the sprawling metropolis of Istanbul.

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Sept 1st 2007

Good morning.

"Gorale" are the equivalent to "highlanders". They are a tough breed of warm hearted mountain people who eek-out a way of life -and living- in the mountainous regions of southern Poland. They are known for their dry, sardonic sense of humor and superior weather forcasting skills.

Most Goralie have smallish plots of land where they raise a few pigs or sheep and grow a bit of veg.

Many are skilled foresters and horsemen, good builders and general 'all-rounders' in the art of survival - at high altidudes.

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Local Solutions to Global Problems

by Julian Rose

Plenary speech at the First Congress on Organic Agriculture, Istanbul. Oct. 20th 2007

Introduction: At an unprecidented time of global upheaval and change, it is surprising to find many solutions exist right in our own back-yards. The most stark example centers upon food and energy production. In post industrial nations, food and energy needs are controled by transnational corporations determined to exact a profitable return on their investments and to control of the mass market.
But this leads to the disenfranchisement of local communities accustomed to retaining food sovereignity over the means of production of both these primary necessities. Fast fading oil supplies and the need to greatly reduce our global warming carbon footprints, mean that localized 'community control' of renewable and sustainable resources suddenly looks like the best bet.
It is also the logical way to establish a properly balanced and sustainable social, environmental and economic equilibrium within society.

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Letter From Poland: actual Sept 1st 2007

Good morning all!

I have just returned from Podlaskie's 'land of lakes' where a considerable upheavel is going on in the farming communities that stretch across this large northern most Polish Province.

Here the farms are much bigger than Malpolska's typical 7 hectare strip-farmed small holdings I reported on last month. In Podlaskie, the farmhouse and outbuildings form the centre of the farm, surrounded by fields rising and dipping amongst the rolling hills and tranquil lakes.

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