Marcela Cruz, USA

31 stycznia 2014

Premier Rządu RP Donald Tusk,
Secretariat of the Prime Minister
Aleje Ujazdowskie 1/3, 00-583 Warszawa, Poland

With all respect, Prime Minister, you have a powerful opportunity at this moment. I am referring to the ongoing protest of the farmers in your country against the governmental imposition of unreasonable laws which destroy their ability to provide healthy food. As a world leader, you are intimately aware of the increasingly critical issues of food security, especially in the wake of the added crucial challenge of the Fukushima contamination of the entire Northern Hemisphere.

Your actions, or lack thereof, in this farming matter will announce publicly and eloquently whether you stand with and support those who dedicate themselves to providing healthy food for the rest of us, or whether other agendas and influences dictate that you help destroy their work, as well as the welfare of Humanity. The issue is that clear, simple and powerful. I am writing to ask that you unequivocally stand with the farmers and with Humanity by your words and especially actions, and by such actions, be one of the world leaders who holds the torch of truth and righteousness for all of humanity to see, and enjoy renewed faith in who you truly are. This is your chance. Before all the world, please grab it with both hands and do What is Right.

Marcela Cruz, organic farmer, USA

Dr. Eunice Blavascunas, Germany


Dear President Tusk,

I am writing in support of the recent farmer's protests occurring in Poland. I am a cultural anthropologist with research on Polish rural culture in Podlasia. In my many visits and research stays in Poland I hear so many difficult stories from farmers about the problems of legally producing and selling the good food they make. The competition is unfairly stacked against them as larger producers have capital for "sanitary" production. I ask the government to address this indifference on a legislative level. Legalize the small scale production and sale of locally made farm products, including cheeses, breads, home cured meats and other products. Cultural Geographer Elizabeth Dunn's piece "Trojan Pigs" explains this paradox with great detail and lucidity.

Thank you for listening,

Dr. Eunice Blavascunas
Cultural Anthropologist
Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society
Munich, Germany

Peter Jadinge, UK


Premier Rządu RP Donald Tusk, Secretariat of the Prime Minister
Aleje Ujazdowskie 1/3, 00-583 Warszawa, Poland

Dear Premier I support a thriving local farm food economy, and consider Poland to be a prime tourist destination for me (I live in England) only because it still has such a thriving local food economy.

Please, for the sake of local farmers, and for tourists like me, stand behind such regulations that allow small scale and local food production creating a thriving local economy and happiness for the people. You will be remembered for what you do for the ordinary man and woman most of all.

With hope
Peter Jadinge, UK

Simon Fairlie, UK

Dear Prime Minister

I was astonished to hear that small Polish farmers are not allowed to process their own foods without investing in equipment that is too expensive for a small farmer. Here in the UK small scale food processing is encouraged on the farm, and sanitary requirements are more relaxed for farm foods sold locally, because such produce is more easily traced than industrially marketed produce. In the UK, raw milk can only be bottled and sold from the farm because that is deemed to be safer.
Poland is famous in the UK for its sausages, pickles and other farm produce. I urge you to change the laws to encourage and assist small scale farm processing.,

Your Sincerely Simon Fairlie
The Land Magazine, UK

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