Michael Rose

New Zealand farmers support Polish farmers: don't legislate to kill your food industry.

New Zealand consumers like Polish produce in your excellent traditions

Do NOT legislate just to satisfy BigCorporate: that will drive away your customers, and throw your hard-working farmers out on the streets, all for NOTHING (we are compelled to kill the criminal company Monsanto in the USA)

Michael Rose

Ursula Stubbings

Dear Prime Minister,

Regulations that the Warsaw government has imposed over the years have made it virtually impossible to sell farm processed foods to local shops, schools or private individuals. The only way farmers can conform with the hygiene and sanitary regulations imposed from above, is by carrying out their simple processing tasks in specially designed and equipped buildings that none can afford to build or to adapt.. except the very large producers supplying the food industry and supermarkets. This is destroying the small and medium sized independent family farms that produce the best foods!

There are still one and a half million such farms in Poland! please save them from these inappropriate regulations.

As a visitor to Poland I have seen how your once beautiful countryside is gradually being destroyed by largescale industrial farming practices.

Yours Sincerely
Ursula Stubbings
Cambridge, UK

From USA

Dear Prime Minister Tusk,

Do you wish to destroy Poland? Because unless the corporate-written hygiene laws are removed, the real farmers in Poland will be wiped out, along with all their protect - Poland's land, its agricultural richness and history, its scenery, its real food, AND POLAND'S INDEPENDENCE POLITICALLY.

The same thing is happening in countries around the world because this horror has been planned by globalists who wish control over all food, which is the KIssinger plan for control of countries. It is the elites' effort to seize control everywhere - the New World Order. Poland already went through hell with the first effort at a New World Order. And the Bushes, who made their fortune in Nazi Germany, have declared a new one.

The hygiene laws are blatantly unjust and even defy common sense - a hallmark of totalitarian control in which laws do not serve the people, and can be insane. Vandana Shiva, a scientist and leading farm advocate, calls the laws, the Law of Food Fascism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PwqUQ_HIlg

It is apparent the hygiene laws are meant to destroy farmers. If that happens, Poland is no longer a free country. Do you want to be the one who did that to your country?

Sincerely, from USA

Michael Sackin

Dear Prime Minister Tusk,

Sorry that this isn't in Polish.

I hear that regulations have been gradually coming in that are making it almost impossible for the many small family farmers to sell their produce locally. Please reverse this. Family farms are extremely valuable for local communal life and for the environment.

I think that the Polish Government should not be favouring the huge, international agricultural conglomerates, with all the social, health and environmental damage that they cause.

Yours sincerely, Michael Sackin (Leicester, UK)

Milan, Czech Republic and USA

Dear Prime Minister

I'm writing you on behalf of Polish farmers, please consider passing new regulation which would favor small farm instead of big corporation. Small farms are vital for good health of Polish citizens, they produce quality food that you can't buy at big supermarkets. Don't let Big Agra to destroy Polish countryside. Stand on the side of small farmers.

Milan from Czech Republic and USA

Charmian Larke, United Kingdom


Dear Prime Minister

I am writing in favour of allowoing small farmers to sell their products locally. It would save many more jobs to reduce the bureaucracy of food processing for small farmers than could be helped by continuing the corporate takeover of food in Poland.

If you look ahead to world issues and see the major issues of oil depletion and high oil prices just around the corner, you will also see that the most secure way to feed Poland in the future will be with food from the small farms. Long distance transport will be too expensive for most people to afford the transported products.

Please encourage a more resilient future for Poland. Sincerely

Charmian Larke Atlantic Energy, UK

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